COVID-19 - Updated February 20, 2021

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    February 20, 2021

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Praise be to God for His faithfulness and grace to our church family.  We are open under the governor of Virginia's "Forward Virginia" guidelines for religious services, therefore things are still different than before this started.  We are taking as many precautions as we can to ensure a safe worship service, but I must say that if you are unsure or if you are not interested in following the safety protocols, please worship at home. The sermon will be broadcast on Facebook Live on our Facebook page.  Also, if you or a family member is sick or at a high risk, please stay home and do not place yourself or your fellow church family members at unnecessary risk.  For everyone, it is safer to worship at home.  One of the wonderful things about an almighty and omnipresent God is that we can worship by ourselves or with our family in our home when it's best to do so, but we look forward to all being able to worship together (not neglecting meeting together - Hebrews 10:25) at a better time. Please read everything below, as this is important for everyone's sake.


Arrival: Please arrive no earlier than 10:45 to allow for everything to be in place for the service.  There are no Sunday School classes or youth events at this time.  Please be seated quickly to allow others to enter and find a seat without having to break social distancing (6-feet).


Mandatory Guidelines

- We are limited to 48 people in the church (50% of building occupancy).  We will limit attendance if needed.


- Maintain 6-foot separation from others at all times, except for families. Please keep your children with you at all times.  There will be more chairs in the sanctuary than usual to enable us to spread out.  If you arrive early, please sit closer to the walls or the front, so that people arriving later do not need to pass closely to you in order to find a seat.  If you arrive later, please select seating that is 6' from the nearest person.


- Wearing of a face covering/mask is required in order to attend the service for the duration of the service.  If you do not have a mask or have forgotten yours, there will be masks available in the narthex/foyer.


- No items will be passed - this includes the offering plate and the Lord's Supper (celebrated on the 1st Sunday of each month).  Here is what we have arranged:

   *Offerings - A white offering box is in the narthex/foyer of the church for you to drop offering envelopes/checks before or after the service.  Please do not contribute any cash at this time.  Alternatively, you may mail a check to the church or use our new online giving page (click here to go to the online offering page).

   *The Lord's Supper (1st Sunday of each month)- Commercially produced, pre-wrapped wafers and juice in individual servings will be set out on the table as you arrive.  Please pick up one for yourself and any family members taking communion.  Please do not touch any of the other cups, and please do not return any if you take too many.  After the service, please deposit the used cups in the waste bin on your way out. 

   *Bulletins, Hymnals, and Pew Bibles - There will be no bulletins, no Bibles, and no hymnals available for communal use.  The words for the worship music and any responsive readings will be displayed on the screen.  If you do not have a Bible or a Bible ap for a smartphone/tablet, the church will provide you with the gift of a Bible that will be yours to keep and take home.


- Thorough Cleaning - We have made an effort to ensure the church is clean.  We will be sanitizing door handles and other touched surfaces before and after the service. The classrooms and kitchen will remain locked to prevent the need to clean these in the brief period between services.


- Signage - The state mandated signage is posted in accordance with the guidelines.


- If the weather allows, the doors will be open to allow touch-free entry and exit, and to increase airflow.  Some windows in the sanctuary will also be open, weather permitting.


- A sanitizing station with hand sanitizer is available for use upon entry and exit. Please consider bringing your own sanitizer as well.

- Youth and children must remain with their families during the service and may not wander the building.  The classrooms, children's room, and nursery are closed. 


- Restrooms are clean, open, and available, but we encourage you to avoid using them as much as possible. The service will be less than an hour, by design, in an effort to keep this need low.


- The kitchen will remain closed and locked; there will not be coffee or refreshments available.

Departure: When departing, please exit in an orderly and timely manner, allowing space to be maintained between you/your family and others.  We all miss the opportunity to hear about each other's lives and catch up after this long time, but please do not congregate in the building. There is plenty of room to maintain social distance and continue catching up in the parking lot. 


Things to Bring:

Bible or smart device with Bible application

A mask for each family member

Hand sanitizer for yourself and your family

Offering (checks only, envelopes preferred)

A sheet or cover for the chairs - if you would like to limit contact with the chairs, please feel free to bring something to cover them.


If you have any questions or concerns, please send a message through this website, or email/call/text message me; I'll be available to reply until 10:00pm, if needed, and after 6:30am on Sunday morning.


I am so thankful that we serve a God who sees us through even the darkest of times, who will never abandon us, and whose love is unceasing.  I pray that our weekly service glorifies God and strengthens and encourages each of you. May the Lord bless you and keep you.



Your brother, pastor, and fellow servant in Christ Jesus,




Richard Fuller


Crossroads Baptist Church, Leesburg VA